Keith Landis, from Lancaster, PA, has been working in business since he was in high school painting houses to save for that first car and then the college education. Since then has had the privilege of business ownership, and working for others in private and publicly traded businesses. Being on the board of two nonprofit organizations, one working for the educational advancement of America’s students, the other converting revenue from real estate sales into funds for the homeless is highly rewarding.

When you look at the Biography page you might note that all of the highlights have been with founding businesses, building businesses, turning them around, selling or buying businesses. Having been the President of a company that purchased in 1988, two years out of college, has sat at the Executive table ever since.

Keith’s first consulting position was in 1999. Over the next decade consulting expanded to companies in a variety of fields. While enjoying the fun of consulting it was not something that was meant to be consistent or permanent.

What he did learn was that the more one studies the differences in businesses relative to business size, a basic structure issue arises. While the smaller company tends to be more agile, it tends to more often fail in execution.

In the mid to late 1990s along came the rise of the Internet and with it search engines. Lest we forget this is what they looked like. Then along came an entire new market entrant by the name of Google, which looked starkly different. Since that time Google has risen to $74B in annual sales. What however is rarely mentioned is that during that time Google went from 112 to over 900,000 servers, costing billions annually. To successfully manage that level of growth required a tremendous amount of logistics and investment in infrastructure. It is this investment in infrastructure and Google’s obsessive attention to detail that has allowed such an amazing 15-year growth.

The need for growth is endemic to every business. To successfully manage that growth takes the hard and glamor free detail work of logistics. This is where my specialties kick in. This website was developed to easily communicate the parameters under which I have historically consulted. If interested in beginning a conversation feel free to contact me and we will go from there.