Consulting Highlights

Turnaround Commercial Construction firm

  • Philadelphia based 12-year commercial construction entity
  • Mentored the CEO in relation to internal and external relations
  • Quickly moved to a GC model for cash generation
  • Established imperative KPIs allowing full employee-based operation
  • Expanded to profitable reasonable operation

Athletic Personal Digital Magazine & Apparel Brand

  • Developed investment ready business plan and financials
  • Mentored the CEO in relation to building a lean startup as well as international relations
  • Restructured digital magazine to, utilizing health care professionals, directly respond to subscriber’s inquiries?
  • Restructured the apparel side to change from a retail agent to a manufacturer of its own brand
  • Established and negotiated agreements with two top tier athletic apparel designers
  • Streamlined the subscription model
  • Developed relationships with Asian sourcing agents and manufacturing facilities
  • Established shipment / delivery / fulfillment center relationships and logistics

Startup Software Development Firm

  • On Amazon Web Services developed a PHP, Java, Python system complete with vendor and end user custom APIs
  • Developed proprietary financial services calculator
  • Filed for registration, trademark and patent
  • Developed referral system to exponentially grow the company

Digital Advertising Firm

  • Mentored CEO on personal skills, human resource functions and finance
  • Redesigned the sales model hiring new B2B Sr. and Jr. sales staff
  • Redesigned the business model including contracting processes, project management and customer experience
  • Redesigned the SEO, CRO and PPC offerings
  • Implemented quantified sales and marketing models
  • Oversaw the implementation of pipedrive, (, as a more effective sales funnel.
  • Restructured employee compensation
  • Established KPI driven dashboard

Education based 501(c)(3)

  • Developed guidance counselor software assisting in the development of financial models for college planning
  • Managed the distribution of the software to public and private high schools
  • Built the back-link process allowing sites to jump in rankings

Amazon Second Top Seller

  • Reported to the CEO, mentored new COO as to role responsibilities, personnel, workflow and profit and loss functions
  • Redesigned and rebuilt S.O.P.’s including managing Asian manufacturers, suppliers and shippers
  • Rebuilt logistics to best manage Amazon / vendor / and retail clients
  • Moved vendors inventory management and oversight to real time
  • Established meaningful benchmarks and virtually live dashboards
  • Automated retail customer such that customer support became an auditing team
  • Reduced cost of customer returns by 21%

New Angel Fund

  • Wrote business plan, executive summary and investment teaser
  • Developed the funds financial projections
  • Was asked by the founders to remain on the board post funding

Mobile App based drone company

  • Advised on and implemented change in business model
  • Developed online and offline marketing programs
  • Used extensive geofencing
  • Facilitated relationships with the FAA