Growth is paramount to success, this is no secret, but successfully managing it tends to be the hard part. All too often those starting a business become enthralled by the “fun” of starting something new. It is not uncommon to hear those who have spent their life building businesses making the point of, “If I knew then what I know now I might not have ever started my company.” The point is that experience brings with it caution and wisdom.

Few businesses are founded by a business’s logistics team. Also, few businesses find significant success without a sound logistics team. Logistics is so important to success that it is quite easy to locate a significant list of military logistical quotes in this regard. A personal favorite is, "I am tempted to make a slightly exaggerated statement: that logistics is all of war-making, except shooting the guns, releasing the bombs, and firing the torpedoes."--ADM Lynde D. McCormick, USN

It is the hard work that happens in the closed rooms that allows for all to enjoy the successes for which all yearn. Quite often that is where the problem lays, the discipline of the hard works. Another favorite military quote is "Clearly, logistics is the hard part of fighting a war."--Lt. Gen. E. T. Cook, USMC, November 1990 Operation Desert Storm

Business success is found in the teamwork built out of a wise sales team leader working with a wise internal operations leader. The old story is that every Italian shoe manufacturer wants to produce one style shoe in one size and one color. The American shoe store wants 15 styles in 12 sizes and 8 colors. (In today’s vernacular, one SKU vs. 1,440 SKU’s) To find success in this story one needs strategic growth management.