We are not perfect we have been successful and being a support or the lead if requested in making many individuals dreams come true.

“Keith was professional, kind, patient, and certainly knew his stuff. He has my unwavering recommendation.”

Scott F.
San Francisco

“I had one idea, SGM turned it around, I am now having a patent filed and am going to be manufacturing a product”

Bill B.
Macon, GA

“Keith is a very knowledgeable business plan developer and communication/ability to follow instructions were spot-on.”

Deborah L.
Spokane, WA

“I asked Keith to give me his feedback for my startup bsns plan. He was effective with the time, kind in his manners and generous with tips and with sharing a sample of plan from his past experience. The report and the questions were somewhat not exactly as i hoped for but he kindly offered to discuss it further beyond the time we agreed upon. I ended up feeling quite satisfied with a great plan.”

Terry K.
Dallas TX

“Wow our sales went through the roof when he took over the coaching.”

Ronnie M.
Springfield, MO


“LOL…I laugh but it is true he pushed us to where we wanted to be on our systems KPI’s”

Angeles M
Manilla, PH